Each step gets further-
as I walk farther and farther.
If I trip over my feet and fall,
I can just brush myself off.
Like the dreams that are forgotten
in the morning,
these moments will continue
to be forgotten.
The yearnings and even this pain--everything.
Past the tough trust and misunderstanding.

Though the road ahead seems far,
I’m walkin over the tall hills,
I’m walkin with these old sneakers,
I’m walkin every single day,
till always.

One step toward the vast blue sky,
one step toward the finish line far ahead.
I’m walkin till that someplace
that will come tomorrow.

Where is that someplace?

Out of the many people that I’ve met,
in my heart there was a special person.
If there is only one love
in the dry and barren desert--somewhere,
if I don’t want to stop my tired footsteps,
that person would be strength to me.

Where is that someplace?

In this place where I place my two feet,
in this place where I am staying,
the momentary peace finds me
and I get used to it.
The temptation of wanting to stay a little bit more,
makes me just sit down--almost there, almost there.

Where is that someplace?

Though the road ahead seems far.
Though I may be crippled,
who is tired at times.
And though I would have my footsteps
against the wind,
I will walk with the rhythm,
till always.

where is that someplace?

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